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COVID-19 Stimulus Measures by the Government


To apply for JobSeeker assistance, you must be:

  1. Between the ages of 22 and Pension Age.
  2. You must be a resident per the ATO rules.
  3. Your income and assets are below the test limits.

In addition to all three of those requirements, you must also be either:

  1. Unemployed and looking for work or
  2. You are sick or injured and are unable to perform your normal work duties or study for what is referred to as a short time. You will need a medical certificate in this instance.

However, if as a result of COVID-19, you have lost your job, or you are a sole trader, casual or contract worker and your work hours have been reduced, or you are caring for someone who has been affected by coronavirus, then you may get the JobSeeker payment.

If you do have some casual work, JobSeeker eligibility sets limits as to how much you can claim. This is where ERA Tax can help you determine what you may be entitled to claim for. Also, if you know your circumstances are going to change, then you can apply for JobSeeker up to 13 weeks beforehand.

You may also be eligible for a Parenting Payment as a result of the coronavirus. In this case, you must be the principal caring parent of a child under 8 years for a single parent and 6 years for a couple.

Youth Allowance for students and Australian Apprentices

With this allowance, you may also be eligible for the Coronavirus supplement. This payment is added to your existing allowance that is paid each fortnight. Again, the amount you receive depends on your circumstances such as your age, whether you have a partner and whether you have children.

Farm Household Allowance

Farming families experiencing financial hardship may apply for this allowance if:

  1. You are a farmer or farmer’s partner.
  2. Your income and assets are below the test limits.
  3. Meet mutual obligation requirements.
  4. Be a resident and at least 16 years old.

Once again, how much you receive depends on your circumstances. Some examples are fortnightly payments for up to 4 years within a 10-year period and up to $10,000 on your activity statements.

If you get this allowance, a Farm Household Case Officer will get in touch with you for the purpose of assisting you with your farm’s financial po

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